I am student who had many difficulties and confusion in life. I was born in Japan and had lived for 7 years but, in the age of 7 I transferred to Malaysia. It was a great opportunity for me to step up in to the world and see many differences. I was in International school from primary to secondary, as I grew up there were countless of decision that I had to make. After when I graduated grade 9, I made a choice to come back to my own country and to continue my high school in Japan so that I can establish my identity as a Japanese. It was such a tough decision to make because I do not know the literacy in Japanese, although I knew how to speak fluently. It was plausible for me to be in ordinary school because the Japanese standard were too high. My parent had helped me to search the most suitable school and hoping for my success. But I was demotivated to start my new chapter of life. I had numerous of anxiety, I was afraid whether if I`m able to master my Japanese and create friendship with the unfamiliar environment. But I acknowledged that those negativities were leading me to time loss and, instead I replaced with the hard work which I believed that it could take me to the righteous place. I have constantly studied Japanese literacy from the lowest level then eventually, I was able to make an improvement. From that moment my motivation had turned on. I genuinely did not have any school that I wish to be in, but my parent induced me to several school and I selected Doshisha Kokusai High School. I thought it was the optimum high school for me to be in because it had numerous of advantage. For instance, they will provide a Japanese extra class for the returner and since they are putting a strenuous effort in English, I will be able to take a balance with both of my main languages. Most importantly, this school has many unique students and it could be fascinating place for me to be in this diverse variety of people. To be excepted in this high school I had to write an essay for my entry exam, therefore I wrote innumerable amount of essay and trained myself in this tuition every day. My teacher was well adequate with the knowledge of writing an essay, thus she had taught me many significant points that allowed me enriches my essay skill. I was obviously under stress because I only had 2 months for my preparation, but I managed to complete it. After when I seek for my exam, I was being pessimistic until the result was released. But gladly I was able to path my exam. I believe that everyone has the potential to cope with the hardship and this is not about how intellectual you are it is about the matter of hardwork.